New York, New York

So good they named it twice, or is that just too cliche for 2014?

I feel like I’ve done this travel thing a bit wrong – I’ve been to spangly New York but I’ve never been to plain old York. Even though its on my doorstep by comparison (mental note: Explore home country as well as jetting abroad.)

NYC I’ll admit, is the first time I’ve ever felt intimidated as a lone travelling female. Its big. Bigger than any of the blockbusters could have prepared me for. Its dirty, busy, and full to the brim with people. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing -its overflowing with culture and diversity. The city is hectic, you just have to step into a cab to experience an adrenaline rush you just don’t  usually get moving from A to B. I’ll admit (mostly for my own peace of mind) I stuck to the bustling tourist areas and generally stayed around large family groups that were navigating the streets and theres definitely plenty of things I missed out on that I’ll have to return to see another time. Having said that I feel as though NYC was a very good test of my self confidence and general awareness of space and safety.

Quick pointers on travelling alone in NYC can be found here although a quick google shows up plenty of advice – which I hope to add to in my next post.



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